Business Insights at Perfetti Van Melle

Business insights at Perfetti Van Melle

25x faster with SAP HANA.

Perfetti Van Melle, known for Mentos, Fruittella, Chupa Chups and Smint, supplies candy and chewing gum to over 150 countries worldwide. To compare the actual results with the budgets, the multinational wanted to implement an integrated business OLAP-tool. SAP BPC supports this, bringing insights and speed.

Siebe van Geel, Sales Controller Export & Travel at Perfetti Van Melle, tells us: “I realized that there should be a more practical way to set up the budget and the latest estimates than calculating these in Excel.” He is the self-declared ‘instigator’ of the project to improve the budget process. “I spontaneously jumped on board because the current BLX-planning system started to show considerable performance problems,” Christina VerdonckSales Controller Benelux at Perfetti Van Melle, says.

“Sales and marketing can see top-line where the deviations compared to the targets occur, after which they can drill down to the lowest level”

Combined action of IT and finance
This resulted in a pilot for a new business planning tool, in which IT was involved from the start. “As IT we have assisted finance in decisions related to the technical choices in the project. To achieve this, we mainly focused on the back end,” tells Casper Nieuwenhuizen, Team Lead Business Intelligence & Application Development at Perfetti Van Melle. “One of the goals of the new solution is to anchor the knowledge of various people in the system.”

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Written by Sonum on
12 June, 2018

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