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What is a better way to show that we have the capabilities, the knowledge and the experience to add value for your company other than by telling you about a selection of our projects we have completed successfully? We hope that the experiences described beneath are recognizable and inspire you to rethink your planning process.

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Experience on Banking

At this commercial bank, a solution for the Planning and Forecasting Process was implemented in Vena Solutions On-Site, since the design phase until the last UAT and training. The existing Excel spreadsheets at the Bank were leveraged and re-used in the new solution, keeping in this way the familiarity and user-friendliness of the front-end but making possible thanks to Vena´s features to re-use them all over the time, to audit the historic data without saving several copies of the same file, to run different scenarios for the each planned period or to manage different levels of access according to the different roles of the users.
Due to the governmental support given during the crisis RBS is obliged to sell all its assets of the departments combined in the “non-core” department. To monitor the progress and calculate scenarios to assess if targets can be met Eije Wiersema designed and developed a solution. The solution is used for actual reporting, forecasting and stress testing. RBS has a much better insight in the performance of the non-core department. They have the ability to track if targets are being met. The flexibility of the in-memory model also provides them the ability to anticipate on structure changes which happen on a regular basis in this dynamic environment. Via change control on processes, non-core is able to generate reports on upcoming organizational changes before it is incorporated in other systems in the IT structure of the bank.

Experience on Pharmaceutical

Design, project management and lead of implementation of a Store Operating Profit model to support target setting on store level within Hyperion Planning.
During Phase I of the Hyperion Planning implementation the initial design of the Headcount model was based on Positions instead of heads. Unfortunately, the data available in PeopleSoft was not sufficient to deploy this more efficient way of planning and forecasting personnel expenses. During the first quarter of 2010 the enhancements have been made to PeopleSoft. Maud Vermeulen was asked to lead the project both from a functional as well from a technical and data integration side to implement the Position model. Taking the responsibility for the design, implementation, training and project management.
Advice regarding the European release of the Latest Estimate model, improvement and simplification of the developed models at Teva within Hyperion Planning. Depiction of vision for future deployment of planning and budgeting solutions to gain better insight into the costs of the Teva matrix structure.

Experience on Telecom & Media

Implementation of SAP BPC 10.1 NW (embedded) for the largest telecom provider in Spain in order to homogenize the reporting processes of the operators on a worldwide level.
Belgacom was looking for a new a rolling forecast solution that fits their strategic goals and Value based Management approach. The solution supports the business as well as giving corporate management the flexibility to run simulations across their business and covered business models for Traditional Telco, ICT, Call Center Operations, HR, CAPEX and a corporate model including all subsidiaries.
Sonum was asked to develop an Asset Management Model using Cognos TM1.
Sonum was responsible for the requirements analysis, design and quality assurance for a top model (120 users) as the first stage in implementing a business planning tool for the different service lines.

Experience on Technology

A full financial planning was needed in which the sales planning was enriched with price information and overhead expenses. This resulted in a gross margin per product and an Income statement per product group. The end result gave Yamaha more insight in the Gross Margin per product so that it quickly could identify the products which had the best Gross Margin percentage/ amount and could use this information to update their sales planning and see the impact on their financial plan instantly.

Experience on Logistics

Sonum designed and developed a proof of concept to demonstrate the opportunities of a migration from Cognos EP to Cognos TM1 9.5. Although the business was looking forward to start using the new solution, it wasn’t put in place because of budgetary restrictions.

Experience on FMCG & Retail

For the European supermarkets Hyperion Planning was implemented to support their planning and forecasting needs. The model integrated data from different models like Net sales, Gross Sales, Capex and HR to construct the full P&L including financial income and expenses and taxes.
In the global project of the 1YP a TM1 application was developed that collected data from online and offline user over the globe. Sonum took care of the technical set-up of the TM1 model and supporting the junior consultants that also were on the project.
Implementation of a procurement model to calculate Purchase Price Variances for all materials including co-packing. The model is based on multiple drivers including feedstock and realized using Anaplan software.
At this FMCG manufacturer, Sonum took part at this Vena Solutions Cloud project at a later stage, during the building phase. We added our expertise to the project in order to support and complete the data integration phase and the creation of the user-permissions and different levels of access to the data model
Within 2 months a driver based retail model was designed and implemented in close cooperation with Asics. The model was developed in BPC 7.5 MS and was based on multiple store characteristics like opening month, comparability, store type and included multiple mechanisms to plan future sales, rent, depreciation, salary expenses, marketing cost based on available actuals and assumptions about the market.
Sonum made changes to the existing model, adding additional functionality and integration of the current environment with the global BI environment. Also being responsible for gathering the requirements and translation of them in clear work instructions for the SAP BPC 10NW (on Hana) implementation consultants.
For O’Neill Europe Sonum has taken up the design of a sales target and forecasting model. The model ensured a translation of O’Neill’s strategic goals in a tangible planning model.
Changes within the strategy and business processes created the need for adjustments in the Brand Profitability model of Grupa Zywiec. The implementation was conducted together with the controllers of Zywiec to transfer the required knowledge

Experience on Utilities

Implementation of the Margin, CAPEX and Financial Model within Hyperion Planning for the cloud (PBCS). Including roll-out and training for 16 African countries.
Sonum supported E.ON in realizing a consolidation model using SAP BPC 7.5 for Net Weaver. BPFs are made up of tasks, steps and sub-steps which guide planning and consolidation users through a sequentially defined business process. Next to that we helped other consultants in solving issues and provided training for the end users at E.ON.
Sonum took care of the design and building of a budgeting and forecasting model for different types of revenues and costs. This included a FTE costs planning and a threshold based rent calculation planning model. For this model an alternative time line was implemented in order to satisfy the need for flexibility in the week dimension. Different analysis screens and reports were created including a complete P&L overview.

Experience on Others

Arcelor Mittal was looking for a more structured way to report their quarterly sales. Based on the needs, the revenue model was designed and developed using BPC 10 NW, taking into account future planning and forecasting needs.
FN Herstal needed a solution to simplify their current allocation process and use this information in their current consolidation system. TM1 was used to create a solution where the business had the ability to define the allocation method per account and financial company and to make manual adjustment when needed. This meant a big flexibility for the financial department.
We supported the project team in building input schedules and reports. She created specific budget reports and was responsible for reviewing the master data within the properties of the dimensions.