Data Integration in OneStream

Data Integration in OneStream

Why Data Integration is easy in OneStream?

Data integration is an essential part of managing your Performance Management solution. More automatically transferred data makes your Performance Management processes faster and more reliable. How easy is this within OneStream? And what is striking about data integration within this solution?

The integration of data is often complex. Not only because data is often delivered from multiple sources, but also because there are different roles within the organization. Each role has its own
perspective on data streams.

  1. Clear separation between the roles

What’s striking about OneStream is the clear separation between the different roles surrounding data integration. The components that belong to the IT roles are clearly separated from the functional components.
For example, the system administrator can create an integration with a database, but does not have access to the content of the application. However, he can check that the access works well and whether the accounts are correct. Here too, OneStream helps; inside the application, tools are built to see how a connection works, and what you can do with the

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