People@Sonum: Development Programme 2019

“At Sonum International we encourage the next generation of professionals to begin rewarding careers in business modelling, planning and consultancy. An essential part of this is the Development Programme that we run each northern hemisphere winter. This winter we have recruited a record of 8 trainees from a wide range of cultural, economic, business, engineering, and scientific backgrounds.

These youthful, talented recent graduates make very valuable contributions to our professional services, sales relationships, and modelling innovations. Trainees thrive in the Sonum culture that encourages creative problem solving and open communication.

Since the Development Programme in 2019, all 8 newly hired consultants tasked with individual projects have shown energy and enthusiasm with tangible results. The achievements have been exceptional over such a short space of time, as it highlights what can be accomplished when bright young minds are given freedom to innovate.

By the numbers:

  • 8 new faces bolster the ranks over the winter, recruited from several of the top Universities across Europe.
  • 7 nationalities, from Colombia, China, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Russia, and Turkey. Many of these picking up projects started by more experienced employees, bringing their own unique perspectives and expertise.
  • 6 different languages spanning 3 continents.
  • 5 based in our sunny Madrid office.
  • 4 sign-ups for Madrid Rock ‘n’ Roll 10 km.
  • 3 based in our sometimes-sunny Netherlands office.
  • 2 many brews.
  • 1 broken coffee machine – the result of overuse.

Our openings are not limited to the northern hemisphere locals – we are flexible, and accept applicants from all over the world! If you are interested in consultancy, visit our careers page or contact us now at”

Written by Sonum on
11 April, 2019

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People@Sonum: Development Programme 2019

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