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Keeping our know-how up to date is of the utmost importance. Because we believe that knowledge sharing is the key to help develop general tool expertise, we would like to contribute to this goal with our own knowledge base.

Please feel free to access it and have a look at some of the challenges we came across for companies in different sectors and how we managed to solve them.

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Experience with Anaplan

Best practices for the performance and incentive measurement of your sales force

  On the 19th of March we have broadcast the webinar ”Best practices for the performance and incentive measurement of your sales force''!   The sales force is, in most cases, the tool through which many strategic objectives of the company materialize: the financial results, the empowerment of certain brands or certain regions, etc. That is why the correct management of incentives and the compensation of the sales force is crucial to keep people motivated and to make their small individual objectives be 100% aligned with the strategic objectives of the entire organization. In the format of a webinar, we want to share with you some of the lessons learned on how to efficiently carry out this compensation and incentive management using Anaplan. In 20 minutes we will review together best practices to carry out a state of the art ICM process.   Fill in your personal details below to view the webinar.

Best practices and top lessons learned for Headcount Planning

One of the most delicate and fundamental points of any company is the planning of the workforce so that it has the right dimensions. This is delicate because an insufficient or excessive staff and fundamentals affect all areas of the company:

  • From the financial point of view, it can assume the difference between profits and losses
  • From a marketing point of view, the difference between providing good or bad customer service
  • From the Human Resources point of view, to have happy and productive staff.
Nowadays, taking advantage of new technologies makes it possible to create solutions that provide integrated dashboards. These dashboards provide all the information that those responsible need to face the challenges of an optimal planning at the moment and in the future. This gives planners the ability to make the best decisions at all times. Another detail to highlight is that the platform can be entirely managed and modified by the human resources department. This happens with little or no need for IT assistance, giving back control of the process and operational autonomy to the department.

Benefits of the tool and process

Some of the benefits of Anaplan to highlight:
  • Availability of historical data to be able to consider trends, seasonality ...
  • Possibility of planning by employee or by job position, taking into account high, low, relocations, transfers ...
  • Possibility of planning based on historical data and drivers or using a plan from scratch or "zero base Budget"
  • Creation of an iterative planning process
  • Integration of planning templates with the needs and projections of other areas of the company that are related. We thus avoid planning in "silos"
  • Integration in the planning process of all the stakeholders of the company, from the top management to those in charge of the front line, both through bottom-up and top-down processes. It is therefore possible to naturally reconcile the needs appreciated by the people who live in the reality of the workforce every day with the strategic plans of management.
  • Creation of workflows with inputs, approvals and well-defined decisions for each person in the process. It also allows the exchange of comments and qualitative information to reduce the exchange of e-mails and have a "single source of truth". Moreover, it provides a single repository with all the data and decisions taken.
  • User-friendly integration with other sources and databases
  • Easy auditability and traceability of data from its origin to corroborate the validity of the output.
  • Real-time view of the current and planned organization chart

Watch our webinar:

We therefore hosted a webinar on headcount planning, to give you insight into the above aspects. You can watch this webinar here.

Mejores prácticas y lecciones aprendidas a la hora de planificar la plantilla

No cabe duda de que la plantilla es uno de los aspectos más importantes de toda organización. Las personas son uno de los activos más importantes y, a la vez, uno de los mayores gastos recurrentes. Por esto y por el impacto que las personas pueden tener en la marcha de la empresa y en el servicio prestado a los clientes, la planificación de la plantilla no es una tarea cualquiera. Anaplan   Y, por eso, desde Sonum queremos compartir algunas buenas prácticas y la mejor herramienta para tener control y visibilidad total del estado actual de la plantilla y de las necesidades futuras de ésta. Rellene el siguiente formulario para ver este webinar.

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Experience with Oracle Cloud

Dynamic Planning and Budgeting with the power of Oracle PBCS

On 22nd of January Egon Rijsewijk organised the webinar "Dynamic Planning and Budgeting with the power of Oracle PBCS". Watch the webinar here.

  In this webinar we showed you how different planning and budgeting processes could be integrated and how you can improve your planning process with valuable analysis using Oracle’s cloud solution. By using Oracle PBCS we show you how to save time, allowing you to focus on essence of your business.  

In this webinar we will handle the following aspects:

  • What is Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS)?
  • How does Oracle PBCS help with the integration of different planning and budgeting processes
  • How could you use Oracle PBCS to effectively anticipate changes in and around your organization

For whom is this interesting?

For professionals, including:
  • Planning and Forecasting Professionals in all functional areas
  • Business and Financial Controllers
  • IT-managers and Finance Managers

More about Oracle?

Take a look at this page for more information about Oracle.  

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Take a look at the agenda here!   We organized this webinar in collaboration with Finext. Click here for the Finext website!  

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